The Lady of Shallot- Sir Lancelot Character Analysis

Topics: Sky, Sun, Lady of the Lake Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: November 8, 2012
In section 3 of the poem ‘The Lady of Shallot’ the ‘Lady’ sees Sir Lancelot riding on the road beside the river towards Camelot. His appearance is the first thing that has ever made the ‘Lady’ look directly out of the window, instead of through the mirror like she usually did. In the verse Tennyson creates a strong impression of Sir Lancelot. At the beginning of the verse, Sir Lancelot is seen to be a warm and positive character who brings hope. The impression of joy is expressed by Tennyson’s use of ‘sunny’ adjectives. The sentence beginning ‘The sun came dazzling’ is one example of this. The sun coming out is seen to be a good sign that can bring hope, as Sir Lancelot does. The sun is a symbol of warmth and when something dazzles it can stun and amaze people, as Sir Lancelot seems to amaze the ‘Lady’. Although Tennyson is not necessarily describing Sir Lancelot, the fact that the sun comes dazzling out as Sir Lancelot rides past implies that the sun could be a metaphor for Sir Lancelot. Later on in the verse the words ‘jewell’d shone’, and ‘sunlight glow’d’ are used by Tennyson. These again give a sparkling, warm impression of Sir Lancelot. The word ‘jewell’d’ can also give an attractive impression of Sir Lancelot, as sparkling and jewels describe objects which are pleasant to look at. They are associated with valuable objects, such as jewellery or diamonds. Towards the end of the verse Sir Lancelot ‘flashed’ into the crystal mirror. This shows the attractiveness and the fact that Sir Lancelot could be a special character. When something flashes it produces light suddenly. This could be referring to the fact that Sir Lancelot has suddenly appeared into the ‘Lady’s’ life but has created such a strong, unforgettable impression. Tennyson also implies that Sir Lancelot is a brave, soldierly character. He is described as ‘bold Sir Lancelot’. Bold is a term used for somebody who is willing to face danger with an impression of fearlessness. This suggests that...
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