The Lady and Her Five Suitors

Topics: Marriage, Love, Debut albums Pages: 3 (601 words) Published: October 6, 2011
The Lady and Her Five Suitors
(1001 Nights)

The beautiful woman
The Handsome young man
The Wali
The Qadi
The Vizier
The King
The Carpenter
Somewhere in Persia, in the woman’s lodge
The situation itself
When the woman trapped her five suitors in the cabinet
The woman and her lover can live together in another city.

The story is about a beautiful woman who fell in love with a handsome young man because of his boredom due to the fact that her husband had set out for a far country and was absent for so long. The woman and the young man love exceedingly which later creates a difficulty with the law and the young man was imprisoned. To release the her lover she claimed that this young man is her brother, she go to the Wali (chief of police), Qadi, Vizier, as well as the King and asked them to support her case but these people acceded only if he will have sex with them as exchange trade. So, she consented and gives them the place and time for their tryst. Afterwards, he goes to a carpenter and ordered from him a cabinet consisting of four compartments above the other but the carpenter again asked her whether she wants to pay for the cabinet or her affection and she chose the latter but only if the carpenter would make a cabinet with five compartments. After the settlement, he told the carpenter of the time and place of their tryst.

The trysting day came. The Qadi arrived first so she asked him to replace his clothes with a light robe until there is a knock on the door. She cried to the Qadi exclaiming that the person outside is her husband, so she told the Qadi to hide in the cabinet and she locked it. So it works on the other.

The last to arrived was the carpenter and she told him that the cabinet’s top compartment is too narrow to hold a man, since the carpenter said that it can hold a man, she told him to climbed and proved his claim. The woman left the place...
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