The Lack of Knowledge and Inadequate Awareness of Teenager About Sexual Behavior

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 11 (3783 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Research Project

The lack of knowledge and inadequate awareness of teenager about sexual behavior

Table of Contents
I. Background:3
II. Rational/Purpose:3
III. Methodology:3
IV. Research questions:4
I. What is the actual situation of the lack of knowledge about sexual behavior?5
1. Many teenagers do not have knowledge about sex5
2. Loosen conception to sex5
II. What are the causes of this problem?7
1. Lack of talk, experience sharing between teenagers and their families7
2. Effect of background environment8
3. Lack of sex education at school9
III. What are the consequences of this problem?10
IV. How can we reduce this problem?11
1. From parents:11
2. From school:12
I. Conclusion13
II. Recommendation13
I. Survey questionnaire:14
II. References:15


I. Background:
Nowadays, many newspapers and mass media usually mention about teenager’s awareness of sexual behavior. However, the lack of the knowledge about the true sexual behavior still exists. And this aspect is one of the most serious problems not only in teenager but also in adult of our society. So we decide to do this project to research more information about this problem. There is nothing new about teenage sex. In the past, however, it was largely confined to married teenagers and thus was not considered a problem. But today, teenagers are much likely than in the past to get married. At least until the last few years, the proportion of teenagers who have sex rose steadily, and they are more likely to use contraceptives than their earlier counterparts. Condoms use has risen also, probably because of the fear of AIDS and the increasing sexual activity. Sex is natural for most teens to become aware of as they move through the various stages of adolescence but it’s often something that can be of great concern to parents who may be worried about the safety and welfare of the teenagers and the choices they may make. At this important stage of a teen’s life it’s extremely critical that teens need their parents or anchors to be very involved and open about anything they may want to discuss or have questions about. Shying away from questions or discussion that they feel awkward approaching can lead to the confusion that may later cause teens to make some bad decisions. II. Rational/Purpose:

Sexual behavior is not a new issue but it has been never out-dated. Mentioning this is not always easy and met warm response from people. However, it is necessary for people to have knowledge and form a clear, right view of this issue. By choosing this topic, we want to bring ourselves more information and share with our friends the necessary knowledge about sexual behavior. Moreover, we also want to give some suggestions and information to decrease the influence of teenager’s wrong awareness of sexual behavior on our society. III. Methodology:

In this project, our group will carry out the research by quantitative method and a little of qualitative method. Because of their accuracy and they have objective views. We will make this research with 50 people in total, both boys and girls at the age of 14 to 20 in our neighborhood. Because they are at the same age with us so they are easier to talk with. Our project will be done by interviewing and making survey. They are easy to make because of their more and more objective views. We will make this project by the result of survey questionnaire and also by the useful information in the Internet. At last, our processing is typed in Microsoft Word and Excel because these programs help us to type words and count or process the number conveniently. IV. Research questions:

1. What is actual situation of the shortage of knowledge about sex behavior? 2. What are the causes and consequences of this shortage and inadequate awareness of people? 3....
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