The Laboratory by Robert Browning & Macbeth (Act 1)

Topics: Macbeth, Kill, Robert Browning Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: November 26, 2012
The Laboratory by Robert Browning & Macbeth (Act 1)

Both texts are loosely based on real life events. The characters in both texts are anticipating a murder that they will commit. They both lust for something and are extremely excited about the prospect. “may pour my spirits into thine ear” and “unsex me” ~ Lady Macbeth will do anything to become queen even if she says free me from all my femininity so I can become a murderer. “wild” ~ cannot control her excitement and cannot wait for her victim to suffer and die. She feels so strongly about this, she says you can take all my femininity away from me so I can actually be strong enough to commit murder as she doubts Macbeth’s malevolence. (evilness) Lady Macbeth wants to be royalty and the narrator wants her lover back. “look like th’innocent flower, be the serpent under’t” ~ Look nice on the outside yet evil on the inside. “laugh, laugh at me” and “I am here” ~ she wants her revenge for being looked down upon by her lover. Both characters aren’t happy to begin with at what they have to help them murder. Lady Macbeth thinks that Macbeth is too nice to even think about killing Duncan and the narrator isn’t happy with the way the poison is turning out, comparing her lover’s girlfriend to her. They both don’t seem to doubt the validity of the things that they are committing. Lady Macbeth jumps to the conclusion immediately that the things Macbeth said in his letter were correct and the narrator doesn’t think twice about not killing her lover’s girlfriend. “is too full o’th’milk of human kindness” and “I fear thy nature” ~ Lady Macbeth is unsure whether Macbeth will be too kind to kill the king. “colour’s too grim!” and “no minion like me!” ~ she is questioning whether her victim will fall for the poison or not. Overall in Act 1 Lady Macbeth isn’t uncertain about knowing that the only solution of becoming King and Queen would be to kill Duncan. She is determined and eager to be crowned monarchs. The...
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