The Laal Masjid

Topics: Abdul Aziz Ghazi, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, Siege of Lal Masjid Pages: 24 (10213 words) Published: May 25, 2013
The Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) Operation was carried out by Pakistani armed forces against clerics and students of Lal Masjid, Islamabad, Pakistan in July of 2007. The operation divided opinions among Pakistanis at home and abroad. Very few people outside or inside of Pakistan received accurate information on the Operation as their primary source of knowledge was the Pakistani or International media. Therefore several of the opinions lack hard factual basis, are contradictory to one another or simply going against eye-witness accounts. In this article we analyze a discussion by the Grand Mufti of Pakistan Mufti Rafi Uthmani (DB)  who was at Islamabad at the time of the operation. We shall attempt to scrutinize his claims and those of the media using hard evidences and endeavor to separate fact from fiction. The following is an English translation of his speech that he gave sometime after the operation. (The original in Urdu can be found here) Speech begins here:

“Respected Elders and dear brothers, I know that you are eager to know what happened at Lal Masjid and that you are sad and frustrated at this bloody game. Whole of Pakistan is frustrated. The details are more or less in front of you; via newspapers, radio and televisions. But we have one complaint with the media that they did not elaborate on the Truth (of what happened) in the manner that Truth should be elaborated.  They are not clarifying what is obvious. They are leaving doubts, and the media has adopted a hostile attitude. Hostile attitude towards ulema and religious circles such as adopted towards an enemy nation. This is a worrisome situation. We can only complain of this situation to Allah (SWT).  We are without power, army and weapons; and to use arms against your own government is not permissible either. In this situation, except that we repent for our sins to Allah, this is the first step, because all the problems that come upon us are the fruit of our own doings. In our own Pakistan the widespread disobedience to Allah that is prevalent, from the government offices to the lower echelon. In this situation no matter which punishments befall us are not unexpected. We had rainstorm and killer winds. Half the country was being destroyed by them but this second problem arose. I am repeating again that Prophet (SAW) foretold of these fitnah. That there will be a time that there will be fitnah after fitnah, one after the other, and the next one bigger than the previous. On 12th May, a blood game was played, of innocent blood. Whole world watched, TV broadcasted it, everyone watched. The killers’ faces were even shown . None of them were ever caught. As though it wasn’t a crime. Background and the demands of Lal Masjid clerics

The people of Lal masjid made good demands. They are requirements of our emaan and religion. But they method they chose to pursue them was against the methods of the elders and the scholars. Everyone tried to tell me that. But what was their crime? What was the wrong method they adopted? They captured a children’s library. That was wrong. They had captured a woman who ran a brothel. This capture was wrong. To complain against that brothel and to strive for its closure, using permitted and lawful methods, was absolutely correct. But they say that we, the people of the neighborhood, used to take complaints to the authorities but they were not stopping the brothel and it was running. The people of the neighborhood were worried, the decent people were worried. Many men used to come there in the night to commit Zina. One girl came and told her tale that she was deceived in being taken there and then forcibly she was molested, her photos were taken and she was blackmailed that if she told her parents these photos will be published. She was continuously blackmailed and called up again and again to commit Zina. She was helpless. She took her plea to Jamia faridiya/Jamia Hafsah.

But despite all this we say that their act of capturing Aunty Shamim...
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