The Kroger Company

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  • Published: February 26, 2012
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The Kroger Company

The Kroger Company grew in 128 years from one store to over 3,500 stores of various banners and products. The Kroger Company is the largest food and drug retailer in the United States and is growing constantly with diversity in the retail market, dealing in food, pharmacies, apparel, jewelry and fuel. Kroger is governed by a 14 member Board of Directors including a Chief Executive Officer. Kroger is a leader in Corporate Social responsibility by maintaining environmental consciousness, social awareness and energy conservation awareness. Kroger is committed to customers, builds diversity and focuses on growth. The company operates a large part of it’s own manufacturing and distribution to increase profit and efficiency. Kroger is a strong competitor in a highly competitive market. Kroger is a very survivable company that should make a few minor adjustments to improve survivability such as debt liquidation and horizontal and vertical integration.

The Kroger Company was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio by Mr. Barney Kroger. Mr. Kroger opened a grocery store at 66 Pearl Street, using his life savings of $372. His motto for running the business was: “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.” (Kroger, History 2011). Over 128 years later, the store has grown from a family, neighborhood store to the largest, pure grocery retailers in the United States (Kroger History, 2011). It operates under 36 different banners and provides several different store formats offering anything from food and apparel to diamonds and medicines. Mission and Objectives

Mission, Vision and Objectives
The Kroger Company has evolved a long way since Mr. Kroger opened the doors of his grocery back in 1883. But, even back then, he realized he needed a mission and vision statement. While his was basic and rudimentary, the basic can be found in today’s mission and vision statement. Today a mission is not just how the...
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