The Kowloon Dairy Ltd.

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The Kowloon Dairy Ltd.
Nowadays,Consumers firms are successfully introduce a new product line to the market,we begins by introducing the milk food to a select group of consumers who hae baby and considered te health products in Hong Kong , One of the most important factors in growing a thriving business is The Kowloon Dairy Ltd ability to continually present their customers with a fresh, diverse product line,this is the chance to introducing the new food product line especially infant milk for children and baby with the brand name''Kowloon Dairy slogan

Company Background
Kowloon Dairy Limited is one of three dairy producers in Hong Kong. It was established in 1940 by George Ahwee and Rudy Choy and is located in Tuen Mun in the New Territories. Originally suppling milk in Hong Kong, Kowloon Dairy now operates Kowloon Dairy (Guangzhou) Food Products Company Limited and markets products in the southern China region, as well as Fuzhou and Xiamen.!search/profile/company?companyId=129402046&targetid=profile

Selceted target market
We need to consider the most benefit from the
One of the best ways to identify your target market is to look at your existing customer base. Who are the consumer,

Four ways to identify target markets
Geographics:Hong Kong,
Demographics:Safety and health is the first priority.
Above the ages of 3-12. People who have their baby and children and concern the,Female, health. Psychographics:People who concern health ,accepting and using innovative ideas and products. Behaviors:who are willing expend the money on health product, look to the Internet to acquire this information including our promotion,They are leaders in product selection and respond to the opinions of the “industry experts” when making purchase decisions.

Market need
Kowloon Dairy has always been providing its customers a wide variety of beverages of high nutritional benefits and customer value,it is the first time for our company to enter the powdered milk market.after the sanlu scandal of illegal addition of melamine,there is a strong market need of safe,and this creates opportunities for us as new entrant

Use-friendly design:
the milk powder is stored in cylindrical container for easy storage,developing a new design in which the milk powder is stored in the form of individual packets with each packet containing the appropriate amount of powder for one standardized of milk

Competitie pricing
As our target segments are low to middle income parents,our selling price is set at a comparable level as the existing mainland

She will demand infant milk which can provides better brainpower deelopment and nutritional value in the long run

Short term target
our short term target will be middle income group,it is because high income group is used to purchasing expensive poweder

Long term target
We are confident that the high quality of milk will produce a good mouth of-word in long term in the pet lovers mind.Some consumers of the high income group will consider using our product after launching for period of time,after we plan to launch some new products to the market to attract this group of people,we also develop the market to the Asian and US.

line extension
According to Blom quist and Holm (2004) there is often difficult competition for organizations today within most every industry due to the fact that an increasing number of products become more similar to one and other. They continue to claim that when the margin decreases, the brand name importance increases for the consumer.

A strong parent brand

Similarity to other items in the parent brand
the amount of advertising and promotion support.

The Kowlon Dairy can using a sub -brand to target a new market segment within the same product category.

According to Ambler and styles,there are...
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