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Introduction Page 4

Part One Page 4 to 6
1. Brand Audit
1.1. Values
1.2. Brand portfolio
1.3. Brand identity
1.4. Brand architecture
1.5. Equity
1.6. Marketing communications mix

Part Two Page 7 to 8
Analysis of brand value creation across all communications used by the brand

Part 3 Page 9 to 10
Evaluation of brand value creation in terms of the extent to which you found value creation and communication objectives are met.

Conclusion Page 10

Bibliogrpahy Page 11

Appendix Page 12 to 15


Ralph Lauren was born October 14, 1939 he is an American Fashion designer and business executive of the Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand. Being asked for his year-book caption what he wanted to do in the future, Ralph spontaneously wrote he wanted to be a millionaire; Ironically, his fortune is estimated $4.6 million USD according to Forbes, given the firm’s $5 billion USD revenue for the fiscal year of 2009 which would make him the 173rd richest person in the world. Starting off selling ties in school to opening his first necktie store in 1967, Ralph Lauren soon established himself as well as his Polo trademark at the top of America’s top luxury brands for both men and women. Let’s have a look the result of 40 years work in the establishment of a landmark in the world of Fashion and American culture.

1.1. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal “Mr. Lauren founded Polo in 1968 to make "classic American" clothes. Since then, Mr. Lauren has earned a fortune as a pioneer of what became known as lifestyle merchandising, or what the company calls "merchantainment". “The company, which now offers apparel at about 9,000 locations globally, invests heavily in marketing and hosts elaborate fashion shows to maintain a luxury halo over the brand. Polo sells in nearly every retail channel, ranging from Neiman Marcus to Kohl's Corp.” Ralph Lauren stands for luxury as well as a lifestyle, motivating the assumption that its clientele mainly constitute the upper class sharing the same interests and way of life. And no matter how apparently accessible the brand is it is a luxury and a statement to wear Ralph Lauren clothing.

1.2. The brand portfolio of the company is considerably enlarged. Ralph Lauren offers clothing for men and women wrapped around a variety of brands, but also offers children, baby, sports and home-wear. Having expanded Ralph Lauren owns a variety of luxury; for men there is Purple Label, Black Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Denim, Polo Golf, Lauren by Ralph Lauren; for women there is Ralph Lauren Collection, Black Label, Blue Label, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Golf and Lauren Jeans co; for both men and women, RLX, RRL, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Tennis, Polo Jeans co, Pink Pony and Chaps; Children and Baby ranges; As well as Ralph Lauren Home, Lauren Home, and Ralph Lauren Paint; it as also has a wide selection of beauty and fragrance products; and finally, it operates the restaurant RL in Chicago. Ralph Lauren also own Club Monaco and American Living however these are entirely separate brands from Polo Ralph Lauren. However is it clear that the various company’s brands effectively target key segments within the market place and maximise sales rather than competing against one another for customer attention. Each brand has it’s own target and purpose without over-powering the others.

1.3.The brand Polo Ralph Lauren specializes in high-end casual/ semi-formal wear for men and women. One of the most iconic pieces in the Polo line is the classic short-sleeved knit shirt recognizable by the Polo player logo on the left breast of the shirt. In the 80’s this shirt became a fashion must have with the preppy class of the time.

Other pieces have become Polo classics; such as the wool knit jumper, chinos and the oxford style button-down shirt all featuring the polo player logo...
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