"The Knowledge That We Value the Most Is the Knowledge for Which We Can Provide the Strongest Justifications." to What Extent Would You Agree with This Claim?

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  • Published : October 3, 2010
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I strongly believe that the knowledge an individual possesses or the amount of experience one can boast of play a really important role in that individual’s life as these are the only predicaments upon which he can rely to make decisions and defend them. The proximity between the knowledge a person possesses and true knowledge may be distinct or may be spot on. Every person grows up in a certain environment, attains a particular way and kind of living and education respectively. Hence, inevitably he/she will look up to these factors in order to start a conversation, defend his/her stand, teach someone, or learn from someone. The concerned person can relate to his own knowledge more than anyone else’s or more than what any book, movie, or scholar conveys. Reality or belief for one person may seem erroneous to the other but both the concerned parties cannot do much about it since both have a different way of thinking and their ideologies differ too. One cannot expect a mathematician to interpret a William Shakespeare play flawlessly and more efficiently than a literature expert as it is not his/her forte. For instance, let us take the discovery of gravity into consideration. Sir Isaac Newton was accredited for discovering the gravitational force and the various intricate details associated with it. It was indeed a magnificent contribution to science and laid the foundation for many more path-breaking inventions and discoveries in physics. Newton attributes this discovery to an incident which must have been witnessed by many people even before him on innumerable occasions – falling of an apple from a tree. Such a common phenomenon was transformed into a remarkable discovery. This was so primarily because Newton, the observer, was a scientist. If a poet or an artisan had witnessed a similar incident they either would have ignored it or tried to look at it from a creative perspective. If it would have been a layman with no out of the ordinary achievements or...
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