The Knot

Topics: Wedding, White wedding, Wedding dress Pages: 4 (714 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The Knot Case Study

i. Opportunity analysis of People, Opportunity, Context and Deals. a. People:
i. David Liu, Chief Executive Officer
1. Nine years of digital production and management experience 2. Managed staff of forty at video production company 3. Founded CD-ROM development firm
ii. Rob Fassino, VP of Marketing
4. Eight years of advertising experience
5. Founded digital division of advertising company 6. Produced TV commercials
iii. Carley Roney, VP of Creative Development
7. President of RunTime, Inc.
8. Six years as creative director and editor
9. M.A. in Cultural Studies
iv. Michael Wolfson, VP of New Business Development 10. Founded production company
11. Co-founded digital media division with Fassino v. Russ Casenhiser, Director of Operations
12. Co-founded Bridal Search, Inc
13. Developed industry’s largest searchable database of bridal gowns 14. Co-owned La Galleria – women’s apparel store 15. M.B.A.
vi. Becky Casenhiser, Director of Merchandising
16. Co-founded Bridal Search
17. Maintained relationships with bridal gown manufacturers 18. Co-owned La Galleria – managed buying, sales, customer service 19. M.B.A.
vii. Erik Herz, Director of Advertising Sales
20. Six years of sales experience in publishing industry 21. Helped launch Marie Claire in the American Market viii. Partnerships:
22. Online:
a. Excite
i. Features partner/ lifestyle channel
b. AOL
ii. Featured wedding resource
iii. Exclusive honeymoon resource
iv. Featured wedding content partner
c. Yahoo!...
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