The Kite Runner: Vicious Cycle of Lies and Truths

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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Paul Velichko
Final KR Writing
10/27/10 period: 3
Final Kite Runner Writing Rough Draft
     Khaheld Hosseine, in his novel The Kite Runner, suggests that the causes of the vicious cycle of lies are trying to forget the past and push the guilt away and leads to guilt, problems, and the relationship between Amir and Hassan; only when Amir tells the truth, humbles himself, and changes his hierarchy/status quo and only then can the vicious cycle of lies be broken. Amir has said many lies to Baba and some of them were about Hassan steeling his things and blaming that Hassan took them to get Hassan in trouble and by doing this it adds to Amir’s guilt and makes Hassan and Amir more separated. One of the main reasons Amir was so guilty was the scene in Kite Runner when Hassan was getting bullied and eventually raped by Assef. While this was happening Amir was watching and did not know what to do because he was so scared and “in the end I ran” (77) and for not defending Hassan Amir was a coward. If Amir would have gotten help from Baba or Ali, or just become brave and put a stop to the madness all of this would not happen. Kite Runner would have not been the book it is today without Hassan’s rape, this caused Amir to have guilt and all the other terrible things happen to him later in the book. A great surprise in the book were that Amir and Hassan were half brothers and had the same father and that Baba was keeping this secret from them all of these years and leading to Amir finding out and getting angry why Baba did not tell this to him, and Rahim Khan explained that no one but himself, Baba, Ali, and Sanaubar had known about the matter in order to preserve their honor. Hassan never found out. Amir was furious at all of them for keeping the secret. He screamed at Rahim Khan and left the apartment. Amir thinks that if he knew Hassan was his brother he would have treated him better and probably would have not died and they would not have been separated in...
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