The Kite Runner: Protagonist

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  • Published : November 6, 2011
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Definition – protagonist, the main character in a story or play.
A protagonist is the character that the story is narrated by, and whose conflicts create the plot. Sometimes the protagonist can be referred to as the hero of a story or play. Batman, in the Batman movies, is the protagonist. He is the hero in the movie and solves the conflicts. Other examples of protagonist include Napoleon, in the story Animal Farm; Goodman Brown, in the short story “Young Goodman Brown”. These characters are the ones who create the plot in their stories.

Example – The protagonist in the book Kite Runner is Amir. Amir is the main character in the story and most of the time the main character in every conflict. “I ran because I was a coward” (Hossieni 77). The author shows a charateristic of Amir that is one of his conflicts that creates the plot, which is why he is the protagonist. Also, the protagonist is usually whom the story is told by or narratyed by. This story is mostly writen in Amir’s point of view, “I remember tha two of us walking…” (Hosseini 125). This shows that the story is about him, making him the main character.

Function (authors purpose) – the authors purpose for making Amir the main character was to describe himself in his childhood, since this is more of a fictional biography. Amir was the perfect character to be protagonist because he was very undecide and afraid. Amir’s characteristics given by the author are what create the plot of the story because they cause conflict. The author’s use of first-person point-of-view also helps us figure out that Amir is the protagonist. Every event or conflict happenig in the story always became associated with Amir somehow, that is why Amir was the protagonist.
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