The Kite Runner Opening Essay

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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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Analyze the opening of “The Kite Runner”. Discuss how effective it is in terms of how it engages the reader and arouses certain expectations. “The Kite Runner” is a very captivating novel from the start. In the opening paragraphs, the reader’s attention is immediately grasped and we are kept wanting more. Instantaneously, we get a clear idea of what the novel will be about, and the characters, themes and ideas that it will explore. It is written is 1st person and Amir is the protagonist of the story. Hosseini successfully engages and evokes emotions in the reader, using literary techniques such as his powerful diction. In the first chapter the reader establishes many things about the novel. We learn that the novel will be told in flashback as the opening date of “December 2001” sets the scene and time period of the novel. From this, the reader understands that it will be about an important event from the past. Something has happened to the narrator at age 12 that has changed him and made him who he was at the time that the novel was being told. This is like a child fighting his own inner demons and trying to be better. All of this adds a sense of mystery and suspense because the reader is curious to know what has happened to this man. A lot of negative diction, such as, “claws and frigid” is used which tells the reader that this event in the past is not a good one and it is something that the narrator would rather just disappear. Hosseini effectively shows this by personifying the past like an animal. He describes the past as “clawing its way out” after he has tried to bury it. This links later in the novel when we realize that this shows how the narrator‘s wife is stronger that he is because she can freely talk about her negative past, but he cannot because he is ashamed. The reason for his shamefulness is more clearly seen when the reader is introduced to the main characters in the novel. They are Rahim Khan, Hassan, Ali and Baba. These characters play a huge...
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