The Kite Runner Journals

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  • Published : August 24, 2010
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Faith Hinkle
Mrs. Baroch
AP English, period 5
The Kite Runner Journals

1. “He had the blue kite in his hands… Handed me the kite.” [pg. 78, Hasseini] Hassan’s main goal was to get the kite for Amir; he would do anything for him. His altercation with Asseff and his gang didn’t even falter him. Receiving his torment; in the end, he still ended up with the prize kite. All Hassan wanted to do was please Amir, and in a sense one can say he did. In the end Amir was happy he got praise from his father, but deep down he was hurting from not taking action. 2. “The air wasn’t right, it was too thick… A scream was coming. Coming, coming…” [pg. 121-122] Amir and his father’s journey to America was a strenuous one. Impacted into the tightly closed tank was enough to panic Amir. All that has been bothering him was coming down on him hard. He couldn’t take the pressure of the tiny place, ultimately of his secret. It’s crazy how long Amir kept that secret, but in the end he didn’t want to ruin his life by his father finding out. 3. “I lifted Hassan’s mattress and planted my new watch and a handful of Afghani bills under it.” [ pg. 104] Amir was desperate in getting rid of Hassan; he thought by betraying him the weight of the secret would be lifted. This action getting rid of Hassan and his father, changes the future for everyone involved. Amir and his father lose loyal friends, servants, and ultimately a son and half-brother. It doesn’t really hit Amir the capacity of it all, till when he is older and vising Rahim Khan, which he learns, he is related to Hassan. 4. “The rain General Taheri had spoken about at the flea market was a few weeks late, but when we stepped out of Dr. Amani’s office, passing cars sprayed grimy water onto the sidewalks.” [pg. 156] Rain reflects a change in the story, usually a bad one. This day Amir and his father learned that he has cancer, and stepping out of the office while it was raining might just have dampened the mood...
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