The Kite Runner Essay

Topics: Khaled Hosseini, Hazara people, Culture of Afghanistan Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Aliyah Stephen
August 29, 2011
Ms. Schartzbaum/World Literature 4
Creative Kite Essay
My character that I had randomly chosen for this assignment ended up to be Farid, a Tajik man of twenty-nine who escorts Amir throughout majority of his mission to rescue his new found nephew, Sohrab.

My artistic rendering of my character was the actor who played Farid in the movie rendition of The Kite Runner. Nevertheless, since I am not gifted with the power to draw, sadly I relied on the Internet. The three symbols that I have chosen all too well represent Farid quite well. Farid’s purpose in the story was too open Amir’s eyes to the fact that he abandoned his watan, homeland, which resulted in his oblivion to the way the rest of the Afghan people lived. Amir began to recognize more about his people when Farid’s family is so cordial to him until he discovers that they sacrificed their meal to please their guest (Hosseini 232). Amir learns that generosity is an essential part of the Afghan culture. It is experiences like this that help Amir reconnect to Afghanistan and aid him on his journey to atone for his past. This is why I choose a book as one of my symbols because just like a novel or a piece of literature it feeds its reader information that often expands your horizons of knowledge, enhance the way you think, increase your logic, or just plain old smacks you in the face with a piece of knowledge to make you realize something in your life that you’ve done wrong. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that at least every being on this planet can tell something they’ve read in a book that has either changed their lives or impacted them in some way, shape, or form.

My second and third symbols on my kite is the Afghanistan flag, which symbolizes Farid’s love for his watan, and two men shaking hands, which symbolizes the friendship and the balance of Amir and Farid’s mindsets forming despite Farid’s initial abrasive behavior. The eye in the middle of the third symbol,...
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