The Kite Runner Critical Lense

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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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Jasmine RiveraSummer Reading
The Kite Runner

August Wilson once said, “Confront the dark parts of yourself. Your willingness to to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.”. The character Amir and the situations he's gone through throughout this book, definitely represent this quote. He has many demons that he have been haunting him through his life and in the end of the book he defeats them and his angels really do sing. To explain the first part of the quote, the reader has to look into the problems and events that go on in Amir's life. During the course of the book, Amir deals with things that not only involve him but many of his closest friends, and in a way, that fact, makes the story, because he learns to deal with his own problems just by taking the pain everyday, but knowing these problems don't involve only him really create the storyline and many of the dark parts of him. One of the dark parts of himself is his weakness, especially during the scene where his dear friend gets raped. Amir just stands there fully knowing whats going on, but because of his lack of courageousness, it happened and it left an imprint in his mind. Another dark part in himself was the way he treated people. Although he was really a very meek type of person, because of his status he treated many of the people he cared about like they were insignificant or he took advantage of them, especially towards Hassan, his childhood friend, later to be revealed as his brother. This served as a dark part of his life because it made him selfish towards Hassan and other people. As for the second sentence of the quote, that part applies to the end. Amir went to “wrestle his demons” when he went to visit Rahim Khan. This is the part of the story where everything comes together and Amir finds out some very deep things pertaining to his life. When he finds out that Hassan is his brother, he has to go get his son Sohrab, and save him. On this quest, he has to deal with the...
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