The Kite Runner - Compare and Contrast Amir and Hassan

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  • Published : December 1, 2011
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In “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, Hassan is presented as Amir's foil, but Amir's negative morals are not permanent. The novel walks the reader through Amir's transforming personality, all caused by guilt and atonement. Despite Amir's transformation from being unscrupulous to becoming moral and Hassan's virtuousness, there are elements that make them very similar.

Amir and Hassan are very different in their social status. Amir comes from a rich Pashtun family. Due to his caste, he has the power to be a kite flyer in the kite flying competitions. Being able to read, Amir often reads novels to Hassan. At one point, while he was reading a story to Hassan, he mutated the plot and substituted his own. Unwittingly, Hassan was very impressed by the story. Hassan and Rahim Khan's encouragement fueled Amir to write stories of his own, eventually leading him to become a writer. Despite Amir's interest and ambition, Baba did not want this for Amir. Amir was discouraged by his father, who was the most important influence in his life. Throughout his childhood, Amir was set to win his father's love, which made Amir very ambitious. He won his father's love for a short period of time when he had won the kite flying competition. Amir's morality morphs throughout “The Kite Runner.” At first, he did not have good morals; he was very selfish and jealous. This is shown when Amir lies to Baba about Hassan not being able to go along with them, and steals Baba for himself. Furthermore, Amir is a coward, and this is what makes Hassan distant from him. While Hassan was being raped in the alley by Assed, Amir did not come to the rescue, but turned away. This specific event creates a great deal of guilt in Amir, which eventually, influences his morality. Another scene that increases Amir's guilt is when he caused Ali and Hassan to move out by sneaking a wad of money under Hassan's mattress. While in America, Amir is contacted by Rahim Khan, who tells him that there is a way...
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