The Kite Runner: Character Analysis.

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  • Published : June 14, 2011
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TMuhammad A. Khan
English (A).
Period (5).
The Kite Runner
Character Analysis.
1) Amir:
Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Amir was the son of a wealthy social worker. He was brought up with the son of his servant, and perhaps his only best friend, Hassan. Amir had a rocky relation with his father. At times, it seemed as his father loved him but those moments didn’t lasted forever. He thinks Baba (his father) wishes Amir were more like him, and that Baba holds him responsible for killing his mother, who died during his birth. Despite being best friends, Amir thinks that Hassan is beneath him because he belonged to an inferior cast. He used to mock him jokingly or tried to outsmart him. In all fairness, it was Amir’s cowardly nature that sets up the guilt he carries for the rest of his life. He saw a couple of bullies sexually assaulting Hassan but he didn’t help him. His betrayal and the sense of losing pride killed their relation and it wasn’t to be amended. After the hard years of war, Amir moved to the United States where he started a new life, married his lover, became a writer and everything was going well until an old family friend, Rahim Khan asked him to come to Pakistan and redeem the sins he did in his childhood. Now a mature Amir returns to Kabul, his homeland, and is shocked to see the destruction the Talibans have left behind them. He tries to find Hassan’s son, Sohrab to get him back to a better life until he meets an on foe in Aasef, the guy who raped Hassan. After a grueling fight, a courageous escape, visits to hospitals and try to find a way to get out, Amir finally reached home in California, free from the guilt he carried all his life as he brought along Hassan’s son and his nephew Sohrab to give him a better life. Quotes:

“And that right there was the single greatest moment of my twelve years of life, seeing Baba on that roof, proud of me at last.” This was Amir’s reaction after he won the kite tournament and perhaps, won his father....
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