The Kite Runner, Amir and Hassan

Topics: Khaled Hosseini, Hazara people, The Kite Runner Pages: 4 (1634 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Khaled Hosseini's "Kite Runner" is a novel about an Afghan boy, Amir, and his best friend, and illegitimate brother, Hassan. The story of Amir and Hassan is filled with adventure, secrets, love, loyalty and redemption. It is told through Amir's perspective. Amir is raised in an affluent Afghani neighborhood in Kabul. Amir is very privileged in contrast to his servant Hassan. Amir is Pashtun, and Hassan is Hazara. Hazaras are discriminated against by most Pashtuns. Amir and Hassan are bullied for beings close despite their racial differences. Amir feels resentment towards Hassan because Hassan is the son that Amir's father always wanted. Hassan is athletic and strong unlike Amir who is sensitive, and prefers reading and writing over sports. Hassan has an unconditional loyalty towards Amir. Hassan is willing to sacrifice anything for Amir even his own wellbeing. Amir has a loyalty towards his father. Amir longs for his father love and attention, and is willing to sacrifice Hassan for his father's love. Hassan is selfless and is willing to give of himself to Amir. Amir, is selfish, and willing to take advantage of others for his own benefit. Hassan is brave. Hassan is willing to stand up for himself, and for Amir. Hassan stands up for Amir, even when he knows that he can't win. In the end, Hassan is a foil for Amir. Hassan is everything that Amir isn't. while Hassan is strong and athletic, Amir is more sensitive and he prefers reading over sports. While Hassan is selfless, and willing to give himself for others, Amir is selfish and willing to take from others for himself. While Hassan is brave and willing to stand up for Amir in any situation, Amir is a coward, and willing to allow Hassan to be sacrificed in order to preserve himself, and to get what he wants. Hassan is Amir's better half. The half he will never be.   

     As a child, Amir was never able to fulfill the stereo type of a typical Afghan boy for his father. Baba wanted Amir to be athletic, and to love...
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