The Kite Runner

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  • Published : May 3, 2012
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The Kite Runner Essay People must sometimes defy the laws of society to overcome challenges in their path. In the novel, The Kite Runner authored by Khaled Hosseini, some characters face a lot of difficulties against the society in general. Hassan being a Hazara has constant opposition throughout his life. Baba finds a great change in his stature when he comes to America. Amir spends 26 years of his life keeping a secret that leads him to discovering many more secrets. Hassan faced a lot of challenges because he came from a social class that was considered inferior to the Pashtuns. Firstly, Hassan was always taunted by the society they lived in in Afghanistan. During a particular incident, a soldier calls to Hassan rudely, “You! The Hazara! Look at me when I’m talking to you!,” and insults him (Hosseini 7). Here Hassan is referred to simply as the Hazara and Hassan was often reminded of his social status. Secondly, Hassan’s friendship with Amir was not taken well by the people in the upper class who thought that their relationship should be nothing more than that of a master and servant. This is shown in Assef’s response, “Someday you’ll wake up from your little fantasy and learn just how good of a friend he is,” where Assef tells Hassan that he is only a servant and does not share any special relationship with Amir (Hosseini 77). This shows that it was difficult for Hassan to show the society that his relationship with Amir was more than that of a servant to master. Thirdly, Hassan sacrifices himself and suffers for Amir on countless occasions. For example, after the Kite Flying tournament, Hassan preferred to get raped than handing over the blue kite that was so dear to Amir. Hassan is shown to be extremely loyal to Amir on these instances. From the above mentioned points, it is proved that

Hassan led a life of suffering and faced a lot of obstacles in challenging the rules of society. Another character who interestingly also faces a lot of obstacles...
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