The Kite Runner

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  • Published : December 10, 2011
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The narrative The KiteRunner written in the first person point of view by Khaled Hosseini revolves around Amir and the three stages in his life. His childhood which was based in the early 1970’s was the most influential part of his life which is why Amir can bee seen as a coward and a selfish character. Although he does possess these traits his is not entirely to blame for them. Baba, his father can be seen as the character which influences Amir the most. His expectations are far to big for Amir to fulfill. Amir is also seen as a selfish character especially when he cant seem to get any attention from his father. The moment which shapes up the rest of the book is caused by Amir and his utter cowardliness. Watching his best friend get raped haunts Amir throughout the rest of the novel.

Baba didnt give much attention or time for Amir which could be a cause as to why he is such a selfish character. Amir felt like he could not live up to his fathers expectations, he lacked approval and love which made him jealous and selfish. This is evident in the way Baba talks about Amir to Rahim Kahn, labeling Amir as a disappointment and also by the way Amir strives for his fathers approval by sacrificing Hassan in order to attain it. Evidence of Amir’s selfishness and cowardice can be seen throughout the text although his fathers influence is also a heavy contributor to his many flaws.Amir himself sees this “I realised how much of who i was ,what i was, had been defined by Baba” Although all these indecent acts Amir makes in his life, they are not solely to blame for his flaws. The lack of attention and love Amir receives from his father Baba, twists him to become selfish.

Amirs only thinks about how he will benefit from his actions rather then the effect is causes to other characters. His jealousy he has of the attention Hassan receives from his father is a factor as to why is becomes so selfish. Amir frames Hassan and Ali which forces them out of the house.The self...
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