The Kite Runner

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  • Published : September 25, 2011
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English: Kite Runner Essay
What would you do to redeem yourself for a very bad thing you’ve done? In the novel The Kite Runner, the main character, Amir, will redeem himself for what he had done in his childhood by doing good things. In Afghanistan, there is a segregation of ethnic groups between the Hazara and the Pashtun. Hazara people work for the Pashtun people. Hassan Is a Hazara and Amir is a Pashtun. Although Amir and Hassan are best friends, Amir never consider Hassan as his best friend or even a friend. Even though Amir is a mean and jealous character when he is young, he evolves into an entirely different person. He redeems himself by showing unselfishness and generosity to a stranger. He grants Rahim Khan’s last request and risks his life to go help Sohrab in Afghanistan.

As a child, Amir’s character shows jealousy and selfishness because he doesn’t receive enough attention from his father. Amir is always jealous of Hassan for being treated the same as him by Baba. In his head, Amir thinks that he is Baba’s true and only son, so he doesn’t understand why Baba treats Hassan the same way he treats him. When Amir and Hassan go to buy kites, they get the same kind of kite, and when Amir asks for a fancier one, Baba buys the same for both of them. “Sometimes I wished he wouldn’t do that. Wished he’d let me be the favorite.” Amir doesn’t like Hassan to be treated the same way as him because he is jealous. He once thought that the orphans should have died along with their parents because he is jealous of the kids that get to spend time with his father. This shows that when Amir is young, he was mean and selfish. To run away from his jealousy and guilt, he frames Hassan for stealing his watch and money by placing it under the mattress.

After Amir frames Hassan for stealing his watch and money, he never had the chance to see Hassan again in his life. Although he purposely pushes Hassan out of his life, Amir is obsessed with Hassan throughout the novel....
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