The Kite Runner

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Kahled Hosseini's novel, "The Kite Runner," serves as a story of redemption and metamorphosis of child into man, through the eyes of a young Afghan boy born into a family of recognition and prosperity. Amir, son of businessman Baba, narrates his outlook on the struggles he faced from his troubled childhood, including jealousy, neglect, and the manifestation of his own insecurities. Amir thrives for redemption in hopes of relieving self-condemnation, due to pain inflicted on his best friend Hassan out of jealousy and cowardice. Transforming from a guilt-ridden boy to a supportive, independent man, protagonist Amir in Kahled Hosseini’s novel “The Kite Runner,” travels through life and uses his experiences and hardships to transition from boyhood into adulthood.

Growing up with a successful father, Baba, Amir is constantly reminded of his failure to live up to his family expectations and is blamed for his mother's death. To separate from his troubles, Amir chooses to preoccupy his time with writing poetry instead of participating in violent sports. Baba accuses Amir for not being a true man because of his preferred activities, and continues to harass his son, making Amir feel unappreciated and unloved. Amir especially feels such neglect when Baba presents Hassan, Amir's best friend and servant's son, with a life-changing surgery to fix his cleft lip. This gesture stimulates Amir's animosity for Hassan, as he feels that Hassan does not have to work for Baba's affection. Feeling unappreciated, neglected, and jealous, Amir's hostility builds both inward, toward himself and outward, toward his surrounding peers.

With the seed of malice and insecurity previously planted, Amir takes out his animosity on his friend Hassan, which provides ammunition for his growth into adulthood. Leaving his childish concerns and entering the world of boyhood, Amir makes many mistakes affecting not only himself, but also others around him. One day as Amir stumbles upon...
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