The Kite

Topics: Short story, W. Somerset Maugham, Kite Pages: 4 (1225 words) Published: June 27, 2012
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William Somerset Maugham born in 1874 is one of the greatest short story writers of literature. He died in 1965 after completing many short stories one of which is the “The Kite”. The theme of this story is symbolic, but above all psychological; bestowing how a young man named Herbert leaves his house and rejoins again with his family through the source of kite. In the story kite has symbolic importance. It is a symbol of separation between husband and wife whereas the same kite is the symbol of reunion and love between the son and his parents. The setting of this story is perfect to convey the main theme. Moreover, the flow of this story is smooth showing how consequently one situation led to another. The story revolves around mainly four characters, but Herbert Sunbury dominates the progression of the story in every regard. The other characters are Mr. and Mrs. Sunbury and Betty. Samuel is short, thin and works as a clerk in a lawyer’s office .Mrs. Sunbury is strong, stern and dominating woman. Betty is clever and fashionable girl who marries Herbert. The range of characterization is small but every character has an important role to play. Writer has keenly and closely observed the relationship between these characters. In short, the writer persuades us to see the characters in the same way as he has created them. Maugham begins very simply by telling that Herbert’s father Samuel Sunbury was a clerk in lawyer’s office. To reach the readers deeply writer has started with life of common man. Mr. Sunbury was leading a quite life in London with his son and dogmatic wife. Herbert was a good and hard-working boy who loved to fly kites. He was brought up under strict discipline of his mother. She herself kept distances with people and prevented him also from mixing with other boys as she states...
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