The Kiss

Topics: Sculpture, Gustav Klimt Pages: 4 (1487 words) Published: March 28, 2012
There are several different works called The Kiss, created by different artists. Auguste Rodin, Constatin Brancusi, and Gustav Klimt all have their own version of the work. While Rodin and Brancusi created a sculpture, Klimt created a painting. These artists conveyed many different emotions for their viewers to perceive. These works of art also have several things in common. It is important to learn about each artist in order to learn the ideas and thoughts that come from their works.

Auguste Rodin was French sculptor, known to be innovative and to put much spiritual and emotional depth into his works. He lived from November 12, 1840 until November 17, 1917.He was considered to be a realist and the originator of modern sculpture. Rodin was not accepted into school of art in Paris, so we wasn’t schooled traditionally. He received much criticism throughout his career for his sculptures. While he was aware of the criticism, his style remained the same. As he created more work, he began to gain more acceptance. Instead of his works being traditional and based on mythology and allegory, they embodied character from the human body. One of his prominent works is a marble sculpture called The Kiss, made in 1889. It has been at its current location, the Musée Rodin, since 1918.The sculpture shows two fully nude lovers’ embrace. They are sitting with their arms wrapped around each other, gazing into each others’ eyes. This sculpture is said to depict an Italian woman who falls in love with her husband’s brother while reading the story of Lancelot and Guinevere. They were discovered and killed by the woman’s husband. I believe that the sculpture The Kiss by Brancusi is quite different from the sculpture by Rodin with the same name. These two artists had quite a different style. Brancusi showed modernism and abstraction. While Rodin also portrayed modernism, he used realism and a representational approach. They are both sculptures containing a couple kissing but have...
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