The Kiss:

Topics: Love Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: October 24, 2010
The Kiss

I , Understanding story
1, What does Nathalie think of Brantain?
She thinks Brantain is a frank , honest , blustering guy , who can’t conceal his feelings about her , love her so much . Brantain is also an eager and persistent fellow . And the most important thing is he is rich.

2, Why does she want to marry him ?
Because Brantain was enormously rich ; she liked and riquired the entourage which wealth can could give her
3, Who is Harvy ?
Harvy is an associate, an intimate firend of Nathalie’s brother. He and she have always been like brother and sister . We can say that he is her old boyfriend , who love her ardently.
How does he cause Nathalie embarrassment and almost ruin her plan ?
He entered the house without ringing . A stride or two brought him to her side and bending over her chair , he pressed an arndent, lingering kisss upon her lips – in front of Brantain , who she wanted to marry her.

4, How does Nathalie react to this incident?
She got angry. She told Harvy that she wouldn’t forgive him. She didn’t want him to come near her. I think that she got angry because she didn’t want to miss her money, not because he kissed her. Greedy had won over love.

5, How does Nathlie get Bratain to propose?
First, she took his arm and walked away with him to calm him down. Then, she smiled pertubed and tried to be outspoken =>> a ray of hope in his mind.
She told him that Harvy was only her brother’s associate and thay fellow often fancied that he was entitled to the same privileges as the family and they were like brother and sister => The misery had all disappeared from Brantain’s face.

6, At the wedding, what reason does Harvy give for coming over to Nathalie?
He says that Brantain doesn’t want his marriage to interrupt wholly that pleasnt intimacy which has existed between Harvy and her so Brantain has sent him to kiss her.
7, How does she feel when she thicks he is going to kiss her?
A little embarrassed ( A quick...
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