The Kiss

Topics: Gustav Klimt, Art Nouveau, Vienna Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Gustav Klimt is an Austrian Erotic Symbolist and his subject was usually female body. Gustav Klimt painted “the Kiss” or “Der Kuss” during 1907-1908. Klimt was one the founding members of Vienna Secession. Some people say behind the respectable facade Klemt was a man with a ferocious sexual appetite; he fathered at least three known illegitimate children. His work considered being very modern during that time. Klimt believed that no one had the right of censorship over his work. His work methods are mixture of decorated art and sumptuous art nouveau and symbolism. The artist is well known for paintings, sketches, and murals (any artwork painted and directly applied to a wall). Moreover Klimt used oil color and gold leaf on canvas for The Kiss. Gustav also used considerable amount of gold in his other paintings, which referred to, as his “golden period”. The reason this painting became famous was also because klimt used layers of gold leaf on the painting that gives magical and religious connotations and is held as a symbol of sheer costliness and material value. The artists painted his ornamental characters in two dimensions and avoid any effects of depth to enhance the significance of each character and it’s canvas. The two lovers are shown completely absorbed in one another surrounded by aura of gold that look like halo is surrounding them. Taschen mentioned in his book “Entirely in line with Art Nouveau Philosophy, the lovers are shown as universal, cosmogonal and in tune with nature and expressing a single complete experience” about the two characters in the picture. The lovers symbolized as a union due to ornamental symbolism in the lovers garment. The man in the picture is painted in geometric form with black and white rectangular areas of black in his garment, however the woman is painted more in soft features of colorful, flowery, curved elements. The painting can be interpreted as a space on which a wide variety of different notions can be projected, a...
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