The Kings Speech

Topics: Stuttering, Sneak King, Fear Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: November 28, 2012
The Kings Speech
The movie opens with a speech being made, and imagine being in front of thousands of people. Now imagine being so scared your sweating bullets. This is how Albert the Duke of York felt every time he had to speak to the public knowing everyone was listening to his every word, he must have been frozen in fear to open his mouth and speak and what made it worse was the fear of being mocked by those who were supposed to love and adore you.

The film is about Albert the Duke of York who has a speech problem that has made him frightened to speak in public, it was learned early on in the movie that the Duke of York has had this problem since he was four or five years old. The Duke believed that he would never be King because of this, and is probably why he was so shy around others. Albert was glad that he was never gonna be King but also feared that his older brother (who was supposed to be next in line for the throne) was going to mess up like his father King George predicted. I believe that maybe he had been hearing that all his life from others around him as he was growing up and it just stayed with him throughout his life. It was his self perception of himself in many ways.

Not only did I watch “The Kings Speech” but I also watched the documentary called “ The man behind the kings speech” and it provided more information about how others saw the King. It showed that although the public loved Albert and had respect for him he wasn’t the one who was next inline so there was a little resentment from the public which is what made it even harder when Albert took the crown as King. Albert was frightened when he had to take over for his brother, he knew that he was going to have to do the speeches and this is why Lionel Logue was brought into his life. The King had already seen many specialist about his stutter or stammer, and it didn’t work. So when his wife heard about Logue she immediately went to see him.

You could tell that from the beginning...
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