The Kingdom of Matthias

Topics: Family, Zion, Sermon Pages: 4 (1718 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Kingdom of Matthias
In the book The Kingdom of Matthias Robert Matthews proclaims himself “The Prophet of Truth”, but is he actually the Prophet of Tradition? The Truth, as Matthews sees it, is nothing more than the principles and standards he learned as a boy in the farming town of Cambridge, New York. Much of his “teachings” reflect family values that he learned there. He sees the changes in people’s lives in the city, and fights to keep it old school. He does his best to keep the new out of the world, and wants everything to be done the way he was taught. He wants the world to know the truth as he sees it, and live the way he was taught. He wants tradition to out-weigh innovation.

There were many changes that Matthews was fighting against, but none so fervently as women’s rights. He absolutely hated them, and wanted all women to be obedient to their man, and not do anything without their husband’s (or father’s, for unmarried women) consent. He says that women shouldn’t preach, shouldn’t work, shouldn’t do anything but serve their husband’s every wish. And that is exactly how he saw it growing up. In the small farming town where he lived as a child, women really couldn’t do much but cook and clean while the men farmed. That’s the way Matthews was taught the world worked, and that’s how he expected to find it work in the rest of the world. Unfortunately for him, times were changing, and women were starting to leave the house and do things on their own. The biggest “problem” was when women started preaching. Matthews thought that was the single worst thing ever, and did everything in his power to stop it. He even went so far as to say that anyone who preaches to a woman without her husband is going to Hell. Any woman who didn’t stay in the home was going to Hell, too. He fought tooth and nail against the new reforms, and it’s ironic how his wife acted. Being such a big hater of women’s rights, it would seem likely Matthews would marry an obeying woman, who...
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