The King Must Die Pg.60 “to Be a King, ” I Thought, “What Is It?”

Topics: Skill, Learning, Leadership Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: September 21, 2008
Throughout the story Theseus learns a great deal of what it is to be a king. Not just any king but a king that is truthful, and loyal to his people, a king that has great leadership skills and can protect his people. Theseus also believed in justice and that is must be carried out. At a very young age Theseus quickly gained his leadership skills. This was when he traveled to Eleusis and became king. He quickly learned that Eleusis was a female dominated society and wanted to change their customs by giving men some power in the social order. Theseus disliked the role males played in society, which was nothing. They had neither power nor the right to be head of the house. The presence of men in Eleusis meant nothing to the women. Using his great leadership skills Theseus then decides to gather up the Companions that followed him everywhere and they went hunting which was not a custom in Eleusis for the king to go hunting. At first the Companions were scared and questionable about this hunting trip. Theseus quickly gained their trust because he was fair and truthful to his men by giving them a fair share on everything. Here was an example of great leadership skill that Theseus possess, by being loyal and truthful to his Companions they quickly trusted him and began to follow his every command without any question. Because Theseus was so wise in his actions he was able to gather up a group of untrustworthy men and using his leadership skills and gain their trust and loyalty. Later in the story Theseus continues to use his great leadership skills and rule Eleusis. He also learned a great amount of leadership skills from his father, Aigeus, king of Athens. As we read deeper and deeper into the novel, we learn that justice is one of the things Theseus believes he must carry out. He believes that being a good king is a king who is just. Theseus kills many people in the novel but he does it with a purpose. Before he does anything he thinks twice and weighs his actions....
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