The Kindness around Us

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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Everybody usually hear or watch news about kindness from the radio, television or friends. I have heard so much gentle news from my friends. For example, one of my friends tells me that he bought a homeless boy a food and he has been giving money to the homeless child every month to help. Also the boy was given a job to earn money. I have also seen real kindness from my parents (especially to me) and these memories teach me how to be gentle. When I think about this gentle news, I always remember the tale which my father told me when I was young. Once upon a time a grandfather and grandson had been walking along the street and had seen two dogs snarling each other. One of the dogs had been white and other dog had been black. Afterward grandfather had turned his head to grandson and had told that; “Villainy and kindness are struggling inside our minds like these two dogs.” Next, the grandson had asked his old and experienced grandfather that; “Which one will win?” Grandfather had answered that; “The dog which one you feed will win.” Consequently, in my opinion with respect to the tale, kindness comes from the contradiction in our minds. The contradiction that we feed evil or angel inside and we choose the winner by being convinced to do somebody a kindness or villainy. My parents and friends helped me to find and see the real kindness in my mind, so I think I will always feed the white one.
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