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The Kills

By | November 2012
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The Kills
The Kills are an Indie rock band that include Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince. Alison is an American singer, and Jamie is a British guitarist. Before creating “The Kills” Alison was in a Floridan punk rock band called Discount, while Jamie was in Fiji, Scarfo, and Blyth Power. They have four records out currently Keep on your mean side, No wow, Midnight boom, and Blood pressures.

The way Alison and Jamie met was astonishing. They happened to be in the same hotel, Jamie was one room above Alison. Right when their bands broke up, Alison and Jamie started writing songs and mailing tapes. They had to be very patient with each other, since they lived across the Atlantic. As time went by Alison decided to leave Florida and found a place in Brittan where she would be a phone call away from Jamie. They both had previous bands, so like almost every other band they renamed themselves. Alison became known as “VV” and Jamie as “Hotel”. They had a lot of critique on their musical talents, but eventually people started to see the spark the duo developed.

The Kills got compared to “The White Stripes” early on in their career. In my personal opinion The Kills are better! I chose to give you a background of The Kills, because they are the band I’m really into at the moment. At first I thought to myself how can they be a band? But when I heard what just two people could create, I got inspired. My favorite record would have to be their most recent record Blood Pressures. I like it because every track is unlike the one before. If you decide to listen in on this awesome band, take caution they’re really different. I actually really like them because their sound is unlike anything I’ve ever listened to.

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