The Kid Who Changed My Life

Topics: Thought, Normality, Mind Pages: 3 (1297 words) Published: February 9, 2013
The Kid who Changed My Life
It’s a typical Thursday night; I’m getting ready to check in the kids to their respective classrooms. Today is my turn to work in the gym; everyone that has worked with me before in the children’s department doesn’t really like the gym. It might be because the little boys that we work with are just plain rambunctious. They are very different from kids I have worked with before and now my perspective has changed and the way I work with these kids has changed also. Its six thirty and kids start racing in the door “Sam, Sam are we going to the gym today?” are the first words I hear, already it seems like it’s going to be a very long evening. The best example I can think of to explain why and how my perspective has changed in regards to these difficult and rambunctious kids is to share my experiences. The most impactful experience I have had with my kids happened recently. A few months ago I met one of the most interesting young boys to ever have been in my kids programs it could be said that he has changed the way I think and the way I work with kids. His name is Paul, I still remember the first time I saw him he was walking behind his mom with baggy jean shorts a football jersey that seemed to be too big for him and a snapback hat. They came up to the table to sign him up, as I stood to greet them I saw Paul staring at the floor, so I looked over in his direction and said “Hi I’m Sam” he mumbled. His mom told me: “He is very shy” and smiled. Still not receiving any eye contact from Paul I explained how our program works what room Paul will be in and that I’m going to be working with him, his mom thanks me and leaves him. I try to have a conversation with him but no words are coming out of his mouth and still no eye contact, it was a pretty slow night so I got to work with Paul one-on-one. I decided I would take him to the gym, maybe he likes sports I said to myself. I started asking him some questions about school, and if he was excited...
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