The Kid Movie Review

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Movie Review: The Kid
Based on the movie The Kid, there are a few theories that could be used to describe the behaviour of Russ. Firstly, one of the personality theories that can be used to describe Russ’s behaviour would be the Big Five Personality. Russ has a low degree of openness as he is not open to new ideas and would only use his ways to get things done. Russ likes to get things done only in his ways. He orders his assistant, Janet, constantly to get things done and if things are not done as the way it should be, he would get frustrated and annoyed. In addition, Russ has a low degree of agreeableness. According to Ciccarelli (2009), a person with a low score of agreeableness tends to be grumpy, crabby, and hard to get along with. It can be seen that Russ is grumpy most of the time and he does not have many friends around him. On the plane, he was trapped next to a TV anchorwoman; he tries to ignore her when she first initiated a conversation with him. Then, he delivers a devastating critique of her hair, eyebrows, makeup, clothes, voice and the horse she rode in on. This shows that he is not easy to get along with although someone approached him. Another theory that could be used to describe Russ behavior would be Carl Rogers’s humanistic perspective. There is a mismatch between Russ’s ideal self and real self which causes him to be anxious and being neurotic at times. His ideal self was to be able to fly jets, have a dog and a family when he grows up. Unfortunately, he ended up working as an image consultant without a family and a dog. Also, Russ’s self-efficacy is low in relation to Bandura’s theory. Russ has always been called as a loser since he was 8. Also, Russ was scolded by his father when he was involved in a fight at a playground. He was told by his father that his mother was about to die and if he continues to misbehave, she would die faster. Thus, Russ started to accept the fact the he is indeed a loser and tend to avoid challenges. In...
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