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  • Published : August 2, 2001
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Throughout the years most country's governments have established some sort of secret police. No matter what the government called it, whether it is the United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or her Majesty's secret service (MI6), whatever name the government used, the international term of "secret police" could always be applied. Many agencies of secret police have had their success and failures, some more than others. The KGB, which in English means "the Committee of Public Safety," has had their share of both successes and failures. Most secret police agencies have been used primarily to obtain information from other countries. This was also a primary goal for the KGB, but one of their other goals, which was just as important, was to keep unwanted outside information from the Russian people. This was only one out of many the KGB's objectives. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to prove that the actions of the KGB were, all in all, a success.

The currently named KGB was founded by Feliks Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky in 1917 under the name of the "Cheka." This Cheka was the name of Russia's first secret police after the rule of the Tsar's. The full name of these secret police was "All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counterrevolution, Sabotage and Speculation" (Deriabin, KGB: Masters of the Soviet Union XI). The Cheka would eventually evolve into the KGB in 1954. However, between the years of 1917 and 1954 the KGB was given a variety of different names. Next in line, after the Cheka, was the OGPU. This lasted from 1926 to 1934 and was headed by Vyacheslav Rudolfovich Menzhinsky. In 1934 it became the NKVD which lasted until 1941 when it was named the NKGB. The NKGB only lasted seven months until it was renamed has the NKVD and it kept that name for another two years. Through the years of 1943 and 1954 it was called the MGB until it finally adopted its final name, the KGB, which has laster to this day since 1954. No matter what the name given to it, or the year the name was given, the KGB was still the same thing once one got down to the hardcore facts.

The Cheka came to be in 1917 after the "Glorious October Revolution." In April of 1918 it was positive made certain that the power seized from the Tsar was to be kept by Lenin. So then Lenin laid out "real" objectives on paper. He titled the paper, "Immediate Tasks of the Soviet Government." This paper purpose was to convince people to support the Bolshevik (Communist) program, to suppress resistance, and to organize the administration. Lenin then proceeded to accomplish what he had written in his paper. To convince people that his ideas and communism would work, he started spreading spectacular propaganda about himself. While spreading this idea to the people, he hid all contrary information which may have revealed his true intentions. However, by the time the peasants discovered what was happening it was too late.

The next thing on his list was to suppress resistance. The KGB was used extensively in this task. Lenin attacked any part of society that was not under his direct command. That included ethnic nationalists, clergy, farmers, and socialist rivals. The KGB was used to interrogate these people. After interrogation they would then go on to shoot them, they sent the ones who were not shot to prison camps. Lenin did not want anything or anyone to stand in his way.

Lenin's third objective was to "organize the administration," this was by far the hardest objective to complete. Members of the KGB were sent into all branches of Soviet Government to ensure control. Lenins coup d'etat was now complete, due to precise planning and a swift execution. Now the people will begin to see what this great man, Lenin, was all about.

During the execution of Lenin's plans, the KGB was used to suppress uprisings. These uprisings were led by rebel towns and cities in which the citizens became very strong. So...
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