The Keys to Successful Parenting

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February 7, 2013
Mr. Mellema
English 11
The Keys to Successful Parenting

Being a successful parent requires a whole lot more than just providing for the physical needs of a child. To achieve being a successful parent, it means to be completely committed to building the well-being of the child. Personally, I think the qualities a successful parent should have is to be completely understanding and supportive, having faith in them, and being full of unconditional love. Having these qualities can have a great outcome of your child's behavior. And I'm sure that's what every parent wants. Showing Support and understanding is key in successful parenting. Understanding your child and taking time out of your day to talk with them and understand them is a very powerful way of showing love and compassion in my opinion. Listening to your kid can, and will draw a closer bond between you and can result in a lot less conflict. I believe by not showing nor having this quality, it can lead to an unhealthy relationship and disconnection between you and your child. Also, having an absence of someone listening to you and understanding you as a child can result in future problems such as mentally and unhealthy habits. I know this because I have witnessed this in my life. "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid."- Albert Einstein. I think that this quote applies to parenting in some way. I believe that parents should notice and praise all the positive things that a child does in life. It can sure be a confidence boost. You should avoid jokingly calling your child "dumb", "brat", "good for nothing," because there's always that chance that they don’t know you're just teasing them. Some kids take that kind of stuff to heart and start believing that they truly are "dumb" and 'good for nothing'. I believe by having complete faith in your child not only boosts their confidence,...
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