The Key to Success

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  • Published : October 16, 2010
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The Key to Success
What kind of support would a student need to learn the concepts presented? How should a teacher provide the professional skills to effectively teach his students? A teacher must know how to teach his student the skills that will remain lodged in his or her brain for years to come. Effective teachers are not those who are laid back but those who are devoted to make a difference in an eager student. Those are the teachers who will put in the extra time and the effort to each individual student needs. An effective teacher must know how to interact with his student and, as a result, the student becomes attentive with the presented concepts. I have personal experience of such a teacher that possessed these qualities. My high school physics teacher Mr. DeGrandmont, who was also my chemistry teacher, was a very encouraging and motivating teacher. During my high school career, I took two subjects from his class, physics my junior year and then chemistry my senior year. These were also the most challenging subjects that I took during high school. Mr. DeGrandmont was the most effective teacher I have ever had and believe he is still today one of the best teachers out there. A teacher becomes effective through his professional level of easiness, helpfulness, and clarity towards his student. One way DeGrandmont demonstrates effectiveness towards his students is through his level of easiness. His class grading system can be tough and quite challenging for his students as he does not give an “Easy A.” That concept doesn’t exist in his classes because the student has to actually work for the higher level grades. He teaches at a much higher level known as the National level, not the California State Standards level. Students must push themselves strenuously, devote much time, effort, and work into their studies and homework. He stridently tells his students to “Learn it, don’t memorize it.” As a result, he prepares his students, who are truly willing to...
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