The Key to Hrm Is the Link Between Organizational Activities, Employees and Business Strategy. Culture Is Often Overlooked Within Understanding How Employees Behave.

Topics: Human resource management, Culture, Strategic management Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: April 24, 2012
The Key to HRM is the link between organizational activities, employees and business strategy. Culture is often overlooked within understanding how employees behave.

Stone (2010, p. 4) defines human resource management (HRM) to have a focus on managing people within employer and employee relationship. There is a specific link between the productive use of people achieving the organization’s strategic business objectives of which involve a certain time frame and the satisfaction of individual employee needs. Stone (2010, p. 31) defines organizational culture as symbols, values, assumptions and beliefs that define the organizations business strategy. Employees are shown what’s being done, how to do it and what is rewarded once and employee shows desired behavior. From the two definitions, one can see that there might be a link with HRM and organizational culture. This essay aims to analyze this relationship of HRM and organizational culture through organizational activities, employees and business strategy by using various examples.

As mentioned earlier with the definitions of organizational culture and HRM, one can see that there maybe or there is a relationship between the two. Enz & Siguaw (2000, p. 48) states an organization can only have excellent operations with excellent employees and for this to occur, excellent human-resources practices are required. However, Higgins & McAllaster (2004, p. 63) say that for change to occur, strategists must manage an important factor of which is organizational culture. And for this to be successful, cultural artifacts must be managed or changed as barriers may be built causing failure to this. Cultural artifacts are defined with Higgins & McAllaster (2004, p. 63) to include set of attributes, objects and behaviors that help definitively characterize one organizations as opposed to another.

It is seen in the current economy, innovative hotel companies are developing their human resources practices to help build...
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