The Key Problems Facing the World's Cities in 21st Century

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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What are the key problems
facing the world’s cities in 21st century
and what can be done about them?

Nowadays, when almost half the world’s population live in urban areas, conditions for city dwellers are likely to get worse, that causes many problems, but the main problem is urbanization.

Firstly, do you know what is this mean- urbanization? It means increasing number of inhabitants living in urban areas. And this number are always in growth because of villagers moving to the cities for more employment and better standard of living. However, because of over population it is inevitable that it will be enough place to live or enough job for everyone, so people are forced to live in slums, dark side of cities. Why dark side? Because of inadequate living conditions, such as lack of access to water sanitation or indoor air pollution, which leads to water borne and respiratory illness among dwellers. In addition, malnutrition and hunger are slums problems, too, which causes highest people mortality and lowest life expectancy rates.

Therfore, the problems facing the world’s urban areas require immediate action. The Government should lend more money in support of education, social, power and health services and on urban projects, which purpose is to raise the living standards of the urban poor and give them the opportunity to flow into the mainstream economics and life of wealthy part of community.

Overall, urbanization would not be such a problem, if the number of people moving to cities did not be so uncontrolled and if people knew what problems are facing big cities before they get there.

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