The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

英 国 的 起 源
The Origins of a Nation (5000BC-1066)
I. Early Settlers (5000BC-55BC)
1.The first known settlers of Britain were the Iberians.
2.At about 2000 BC the Beaker Folk arrived from the areas now known as Holland and Rhineland. 约公元前2000年,从现在的荷兰和莱茵兰地区来了宽口陶器人。 3.The Celts began to arrive at Britain about 700 BC.
4.The Celts came to Britain in three main waves.
The first wave were the Gaels-came about 600 BC.
第一次高潮是约公元前600年盖尔人的来临。 The second wave were the Brythons-came about 400 BC.
第二次高潮是约公元前400年布立吞人的抵达。 The third wave were the Belgae-came about 150 BC.

II. Roman Britain (55BC-410AD) 罗马人统治时期的英国(公元前55年-410年)

1. British recorded history begins with the Roman invasion. In 55BC and 54BC, Julius Caesar, a Roman general, invaded Britain twice. In AD 43, the Emperor Claudius invaded Britain successfully. For nearly 400 years, Britain was under the Roman occupation, though it was never a total occupation. 有记录的英国历史开始于罗马人的入侵。公元前55年和54年,罗马将军尤里乌斯·恺撒两次入侵英国,均未成功。直到公元43年,克劳迪乌斯才成功占领不列颠。将近四百年里,英国处于罗马人的占领下,但这并非是完全的占领。 2. Roman's influence on Britain.

The Roman built many towns, road, baths, temples and buildings. They make good use of Britain's natural resources. They also brought the new religion, Christianity, to Britain. 罗马人修建了许多城镇,道路,澡堂,庙宇和其他建筑物。他们还很好地利用了英国的自然资源。罗马人还把基督教这门新宗教带到了英国。 3. Reasons for limited Roman influence on Britain.

First, the Romans always treated the Britons as a subject people of slave class. Second, never during the 4 centuries did the Romans and Britons intermarry. Third, the Romans had no impact on the language or culture of ordinary Britons. 首先,罗马人把不列颠人当作奴隶阶段的属民来对待。其次,在四个世纪里罗马人从不和不列颠人通婚。最后,罗马人也未影响普通不列颠人的语言和文化。

III. The Anglo-Saxons (446-871)...
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