The Jump

Topics: Mile, Safety, Parachuting Pages: 1 (486 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The Jump
People always ask me why skydiving? Maybe it’s the adrenalin of going one hundred plus miles per hour, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m doing something not many other people do. I’m not quite sure. But skydiving isn’t as easy as it looks there are different steps one has to take to be able to jump out of a plane and do it safely. You have to find a school, get ground training, and then you can jump. Finding a school you like won’t be as easy as you think. Don’t settle for the first or cheapest school you come across, you should investigate the school thoroughly. Ask questions like what they teach and how they teach it, or what type of equipment do they use? What are their safety precautions? Go to the U.S Parachute Association website and find all the answers before you ask the questions. Find out if the school is certified and if their instructors are. Then when you find a school you will have to fill out some legal papers. Then you can start your ground training. When it comes to the ground training there is no way around it before you can begin jumping you have to complete the required ground training. Basically, you’re learning how to use the equipment and how to use it safely. Most of the time training can be completed in one day depending on what kind of a jump you’re doing. After you complete the training you are ready to jump with your instructor. Next comes the hardest part jumping out of the plane for the first time. The reason they make you jump with an instructor for the first couple times is so he can help you and also in case you get too scared and faint. When the doors of the plane open, a rush of cold air hits you in the face as you start to move into position. One push from you and the instructor and you’re free falling through the air at over one hundred miles an hour. After about fifty seconds, the instructor gives you the signal to pull the parachute cord and the slow decent to earth begins. When you land just put your legs up and...
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