The Joy of the Club

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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The Joy Luck Club is a movie about the fate of four Chinese immigrant mothers; Suyuan, An-mei, Lindo , and Ying-ying , and their four Americanized daughters; June, Rose, Waverly, and Lena. In The Joy Luck Club the daughters are too young and naive to understand their mothers and the hardship they faced. The mothers want their daughters to break the American habit of only looking at people’s outward appearances. The mothers’ want their daughters to realize that they have a better life in America than their mothers’ did in China. By the end on the novel the daughters are able to understand where their mother came from through stories and experiences the mothers tell the daughters their background. The mothers’ life experiences that help every daughter identify a healthy relationship with themselves and their partners and to not tolerate domestic violence. One significant social force that caused intimate partner abuse is sexism. In this case, the female actresses often portrayed moments when they experienced prejudice as a result of their gender. The Chinese culture is traditionally regarded as patriarchal. Men are undoubtedly in a dominant position socially, economically, and sexually. The double-edged sexist standards of the traditional Chinese culture are demonstrated when An-meis mother which is Rose grandmother was raped. An-mei mother must marry her attacker in order to maintain her reputation and ensure that hers and her family's honor is upheld. However, while An-meis mother attempts to uphold her family's honor, her rapist husband is allowed to marry several other women without the fear of social judgment. An-meis mother was a victim of domestic violence due to her Chinese cultural identity and patriarchy. Lindo who is Waverly’s mother was also a victim of domestic violence. When Lindo tells her story as a young girl on the verge of marriage in China, she depicts a sense of submission to her husband. Upon first glance, Lindo appears to be the model of...
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