The Joy of Being Happy.

Topics: Lee Hyori, Face, Fin.K.L Pages: 665 (188339 words) Published: July 26, 2011
Title: The Joy of Being Happy © Original 2007-2008
Writtenby: Solangel
Disclaimer! With respect to the gasoos, this story does not reflect them in real-life. Their names have been borrowed for this story. All events are fictional and figments of the author’s imagination; any similiarites to other media works are coincidence. Original Thread @ soomp!

TJOBH || Ch.00

“I thought we were happy. Weren’t we happy?”

“Very happy.”

“So where did we go wrong? Did I do something wrong? What do you want me to change? I’ll change.”

“It’s not that Jihyun-ah.”

“Then what is it?”

” . . . Ivy’s pregnant.”

There was a time in Jeong Jihyun’s life when she felt she was confident she knew true happiness. It was the kind of happiness that seeped into her under belly and gushed out in her bouts of smile and laughter. It was also the kind of happiness that was only attained because of all her hard work combined with her good deeds. She never asked for much except the two essential intangible things humans all want: love and happiness. Although Jihyun always knew that there would be some backlash because she received so much love and happiness at once, she just never thought it would light fire to her heart and burn it into something resembling black, crispy tar.

Jihyun had a great job, awesome friends, caring family, and a perfect boyfriend. Those things were spawns from the benefits of being the all-around person that she was. JiHyun prayed to God every night, went to Church whenever she had free time, never killed insects or bugs, and never cursed. She was the girl that took one step back to let someone else go forward; she was the kind of girl that held two helping hands to elders; she was the kind of girl that stalked the homeless and abandoned children shelter whenever she could. Jeong Jihyun was the epitome of the word nice; the very essence and body of the word. Jihyun believed that the yin/yang of life was necessary for a peaceful balance of a happy outcome, but sometimes – the yang outweighed the yin. Yet, Jihyun believed religiously in the good things; the lighter areas of life rather than the malevolence things covered in darkness. Evil people were just lost and needed to be guided to the light; good people overshadowed them anyhow.

Jihyun believed in all of those things until on their third anniversary day Taebin sat across from her with his upset eyes when he told her that he had cheated. Jihyun had believed in all of those things until Taebin admitted that Ivy was the girl he had cheated on Jihyun with. Jihyun had believed in all of those things until Taebin told her Ivy was pregnant with his baby. Then, Jihyun stopped believing in all those things.

But Jihyun was still foolish.

One could stop believing in the blink of an eye, but foolishness takes a longer time to scrub off. Thus, Jihyun was the one that begged Taebin to stay with her. She was the one that insisted that she would forgive him if he stayed. She was the one that was willing to forgive him. Jihyun took the fault for Taebin’s infidelity even though inside she knew she had nothing to do with it. It was Taebin’s promiscuous ways that had ripped their relationship into infinitesimal tears. But poor Jihyun, Taebin had no intentions of staying with her even after all her begging and hopeful promises. Instead, Taebin had wrapped her up in his arms, whispering, “I’m sorry. Mianhe”, over and over again as he explained to her that he had to take responsibility for what he and Ivy had done. At the end of the sob-fest (the sobbing entirely done by Jihyun) Taebin suggested Jihyun move out of the apartment they shared so that Ivy could move in. “It would be best for the baby,” he said.

Poor Jihyun had to drag her five suitcases out to the bus stop in the pouring rain that very same night. Taebin had told her he loved her before she left, even giving her a sweet kiss on the...
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