The Joy Luck Club

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The Joy luck Club

The Joy luck Club is an amazing Asian American movie. This movie is about four Chinese women, who created a club during a war to have fun.. The story line up based on their past life, struggles and how they got abused by men. It’s also shows us the conflict between immigrant mother and their American raised children. The title of the movie didn’t give us that much information but we can get a basic idea that this film is about a club. The transition of the movie was incredible and the flashbacks made the movie more interesting. Most of it based on characters flashbacks and past events. According to book, to successfully transform an actor/actress into his or her character requires that the actor feel a comfort sense of rightness with her clothing and costumes. Chinese costumes, hairstyle and makeup made this film more realistic and natural. In this film, they also use Chinese language, because some of the dialogue and emotions cannot be express in English. The Joy luck club is a stereotypical Asian film, because Asian females shown as young, weak and innocent and the all the mothers have a tragic experience in their past life. They showed most of the men are alcoholic, cold hearted, and sex addicts, which is not true. The background sound effect was pretty good. They played really relaxed Asian traditional music in the background, which is actually pretty important as much as costumes. My favorite quote from this film is “this feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar and carries with it all my good intention.” This quote explain a lot about the movie.
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