The Joy Luck Club

Topics: China, Chess, Song Dynasty Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Creative Secondary School Form 4 English A
Unit title: Personal history and inter-generational fracture in Amy Tan’s novel “The Joy Luck Club” Area of Interaction: Health and Social Education Unit Question: How are our perception and stories shaped by our social and cultural context? Title: What do the stories of ONE of the families in the “The Joy Luck Club” tell us about the reference of social and cultural contexts in the mother/daughter relationship? Essay: Mother and daughter are the core roles in Amy Tan’s novel, “The Joy Luck Club”, she uses the relationship of two different perspectives to enlighten the cultural conflict and struggle between them. Among those mothers and daughters, Lindo is the most tough, tricky and smart mother managed to get rid of the unwilling arranged marriage, fulfilling truth to both herself and her parents. After this tragic marriage, she also applies her smartness to holding the marriage status to be stable by just using a fortune cookie. The personality doesn’t stay on Lindo only, Waverly, her daughter, also inherit Lindo’s personality and intelligence are passed onto her. Waverly is really intelligent as her mother and ultimately competitive. These intelligence comes out in her chess games, as you know the path to win is to equip a competitive nature. Interesting point is that what will happen when a smart Chinese mother, Lindo, getting along with her intelligent American born Chinese daughter, Waverly? The factor causing the relationship between Lindo and Waverly is the pressure that Lindo puts on her daughter and to live vicariously through her daughter. Since Waverly discovers that her interest is playing chess then she joins the chess competition as her mother suggests. Waverly is all about chess which her mother frequently forces her to keep on practicing to become better and better and eventually to be a chess champion. Even though Lindo is not that good at playing chess but she tells Waverly what to do with the next...
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