The Journey of a Food Lover

Topics: Family, Ice cream, Ice cream cone Pages: 3 (1348 words) Published: September 21, 2008
The Journey of a Food Lover

The first time my husband traveled to Mexico he stated many times, “Wow, Mexicans love to eat.” He is very right but we love even more everything else that surrounds food. It is through food that Mexican families come together. Food is a very special way to get to know people. Food connects us with one and other and gives us a sense of Mexican identity. The importance of having dinner with family every day is gigantic. In Mexico dinnertime is between two and five in the afternoons. Most businesses close during this period of time also known as siesta. This wonderful break in the middle of the day allows parents and children to talk about their days, have dinner together, work on homework together, and of course to take the famous siesta or power nap. This structure strengthens family values, keeps teenagers from trouble and drugs, and gives Mexicans a common sense of identity. In Mexico, and in many other countries, taking time to have a peaceful and not rushed dinner is absolutely necessary. The industrialization and modernization of our country drastically changed the dynamics of Mexican households, but many things remained the same. As cities became modernized more and more people moved from urban towns to cities and many immigrated to the US. Due to the high cost of living in cities women have joined the work force, altering the historical role of women in the family. It is now common that many modern Mexican women work full-time, leaving limited time for house chores and creating the need to hire maids, cooks, and nannies. Even though some modern women do not cook or clean the house, the responsibility of these chores is still attributed to them. In most cases it is the mother that holds the family together by preparing foods or by supervising the preparation of foods that nourishes her family and by making sure that all family members seat together at dinner table. My mother did a magnificent job. In just a few...
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