The Journey of Sir Gawain

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  • Published : November 15, 2005
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Gawain was a fearless, faithful knight under King Arthur. He fought many battles, and never lost a one. But it wasn't just any battle that helped him become more than a knight, it was a journey. A hero's journey. He traveled a long and restless journey across far distances, and fought many creatures and beasts. But that was just the beginning.

The call of Gawain's journey is the appearance of the green knight, and the circumstances beyond his defeat. Gawain agrees to the green knights request to pay the knight a stroke to the neck, but also to travel to the green chapel and receive the same from the knight one year later. Gawain defeats the green knight, departing his head from his body, only to realize that his severed head talks. He says, "Gawain, be ready to ride as promised; Hunt me well until you find me…" Gawain thinks nothing of it but a silly New Year's joke. It wasn't until one year later that he realized that the green knight was for real. One year later, Gawain readies for his journey; reminds the King of his promise, puts on his attire, and sets off. "Lord of my life, I ask your leave. You know my promise…" Both fully attired and supplied, he sets off, fully confident.

Gawain's threshold was leaving behind his town, his king, his fellow people. He must venture into the unknown, to fulfill his promise he has made to the green knight. "He was often alone, at night, in places where the path ahead of him could please no one." He goes from town to town, searching for answers. He is all alone, no knights beside him, no king to command him.

Gawain's initiation was that he had many battles on his journey. He had to fight many creatures and beasts to clear his path. "Dragons attacked him, and sometimes wolves, and satyrs, and forest trolls, running out of rocks, and bulls, and bears, and ivory- tusked boars, and giant ogres leaping from crags." He fought nearly everyday and night, tirelessly, without fail, showing that he has what it takes to return,...
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