The Journey Not the Arrival Matters

Topics: The Tempest, William Shakespeare, Mind Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: July 30, 2008
The Journey not the Arrival , matters” I agree with this statement , and I plan to show you how I came to that judgement by showing you 3 journeys I have been studying over the last 16 weeks , the tempest , the black knight and the yellow submarine. But what is a journey? What types of journeys are there? How do composers present the concept of a journey? These are all things I plan do discuss with you.

What is a journey?
There are 3 types of journeys. The first is a physical journey which is the journey you physically undertake such as driving to Sydney. The second is an imaginative journey which is a journey that only occurs in your mind such as catching a bus into space and having it only take 20 minutes. The third is an inner journey which is when you experience something and grow as a person for example the confidence to speak in front of a large crowd. All of these journeys have these things in common •They have a beginning and an end

They take you somewhere
In the tempest, William Shakespeare uses many different techniques to represent a journey. The first and most obvious would be the ‘tempest’ during the tempest we see the physical journey of the ship crashing and the crew becoming shipwrecked on a deserted island. Shakespeare also uses dramatic devices such as the romance between Miranda and Ferdinand. This is showing a thought of a journey through the tension built on the stage. In the tempest we see that the journey for each character is not an easy one. For example Prospero is not on the island for 12 years by choice so he thinks of it as a ‘Poor cell’ he uses his imagination to journey back to his betrayal and banishment. We as the audience are persuaded to follow prospero on his journey back in time through his emotive language and imagery. Calibans imaginative journey is to a time when he and Miranda are married and ruling the island together. He also uses his imagination to visualise torture for prospero. Gonzalo’s imaginative journey...
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