The Joe Camel Ad Campaign

Topics: Tobacco, Cigarette, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: September 28, 2008
The Joe Camel Ad Campaign was created by the R. J. Reynolds U.S. marketing team in 1987. R. J. Reynolds created this ad campaign because at the time the company’s brand “Camel” was seen as an old mans cigarette. Because the youth market is such an important market to tobacco companies, as in their eyes they see young people as “representing tomorrow’s cigarette business”, Joe Camel was created in hopes of popularizing the Camel brand among younger people. This campaign, although the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company denies was a clear attempt to capitalize on young people, targeted even non smokers below the legal age of 18. I know this because in a majority of the ad’s Joe Camel is depicted enjoying many activities that younger people enjoy, such as hanging out in night clubs, shooting pool in billiards, relaxing on the beach, lounging in casinos, hanging outside movie theaters, dressed well all while having a cigarette in his mouth or holding a pack of cigarettes. Also, the facts are that the Joe Camel Ad Campaign had grown Camels underage market share from 0.5 % to 32.5%, this is a very significant growth in such a short amount of time. These numbers show a 65% increase in market share for Camels amongst underage smokers and clearly show that Joe Camel was targeting the youth and doing it very effectively. In the ad above Joe Camel a cartoon character is relaxing on the beach on a hot summer day. He is wearing comfortable/baggy pants, a baseball cap, and snazzy sunglasses. He is in shape, cool, and mysterious. Joe Camel is the guy every girl wants and every guy wants to be. Oh yeah, and he is smoking a Camel cigarette. Obviously this is ploy to target the youth. The ad implies if you smoke this cigarette, you can be this cool. It is well known that in today’s world many children are concerned with how they are viewed upon by there peers and will give in to peer pressure in an attempt to be cool. R. J. Reynolds realizes this and is attempting to create a...
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