The Jmu Mailroom Case

Topics: United States Postal Service, Mail Pages: 3 (694 words) Published: January 5, 2012

If you expect your mail to come with the same “speedy delivery” made popular by mailman Mr. McFeeley of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, you may be disappointed over the next few weeks.

While mail delivery is not drastically slower than normal, employees in the JMU postal service warehouse can offer several reasons why they are having trouble delivering mail as promptly as usual.

The majority of the five-member crew who work in the warehouse, now located on South Main Street across from Duke’s Plaza say they are upset because postal service management did not take their opinions into account before throwing changes at them.

“We were consulted, but they didn’t take anything we said into account,” said Eric McKee, a postal service employee who works in the warehouse.

Changes have included moving the warehouse to a building 10 minutes from campus which consists of a basement without running water or bathroom facilities. Employees must walk outside to the front of the building in order to use bathrooms.

McKee, along with another delivery employee who wished to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job, complained of the “great physical stress” involved in carrying the large tubs of mail instead of carrying mailbags that can be thrown over the shoulder.

According to another employee who wished to remain unnamed, in addition to the physical stress, the tub-delivery system slows up mail delivery considerably. The employee said by slinging mailbags over the shoulder it was easier to carry large loads of mail, something nearly impossible with the tubs.

According to Terry Woodward, director of postal services, the change from mailbags to bins came the day after the warehouse change location. The changes were brought about to accommodate the growing volume of mail that has come as a result of the increasing numbers of departments and students in the university, Woddward said. Delivering the mail with the tub system instead of a...
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